The Rules

The rules


Article 1: Organizer

The Paris Rollers Marathon is organized by “Save ze Date” (Tony Mogis, creator and organizer of 24H Rollers of le Mans) in collaboration with FFA & FFRS.

Article 2: Competition

It’s a 42.195km roller skating competition. You can participate alone or do a relay with another person.

Article 3: Goal

Finish a marathon and become “FINISHER”

Article 4: Where

Departure and arrival are situated in front of the Eiffel Tower

Article 5: Date

September, 16th, 2018

Terms of participation

Article 6: Commitment

any commitment is firm and final. It involves the complete acceptance of these rules.

In case of force majeure, the organizers may at any time terminate the event. Participants will be warned by all possible means, they will then have to comply strictly with the guidelines of the organization. Failure to follow these instructions, will de facto detract, the end of the responsability of the organizer.

The organizer reserve the right to cancel the event either at the request of the administrative authority or in case of force major.

The participant will have 2 possibilitues:

  • keep their number for another date which will be communicated as soon as possible
  • Participants have under 45 days to claim a refund by sending an email to After this 45 days period, from the date announcing the cancellation, no request will be taken into consideration.

Article 7: Ages

Participation in the Individual Marathon: born before 2002

Participation in the 2 people relay: born before 2003

Open to disabled people (blind, one-legged…)


Differents departures :

  • Elite starting area: <1h15 for men & <1h35 for women: Documentary evidence of performance asked during the registration
  • Sport/Leisure starting area: >1h25 for men & >1h35 for women.

1 Départ “Sportif/Loisir” (>1h25 pour les hommes, >1h35 pour les femmes) : Waves of departure every 3 minutes

The participants of the category MARATHON x2, will automatically be placed in the 1st wave of the Departure ‘ Sportsman / leisure ”

Article 8: Lockers

Near rhe starting point, there will be a place where participants will be able to drop off their personal belongings. They will be looked after during the race. However, there will be no changing rooms.

The cost of the deposits will be 2€ by participant. We shall supply you with bags of a capacity of 30L in the Withdrawal of number. Only bags supplied by the organization will be accepted in the deposit.

Article 9: Type of travel

The shift mode remains exclusively in-line skating or quad.

Open to disable sports event (blind, one legged…)

The practice of “nordic skating” or skateboarding is not allowed.

Article 10: Outfits/Headset port

Helmet ise is mandatory on the track during the entire course of the event.

Anyone without a helmet on the track will be disqualified immediately.

Sunglasses or corrective glasses are authorized.

The use of radios and earphones is forbidden. No camera on the helmet. No perch.


Article 11: Timing

Timing will be measured by electronic chips.

The chip must be positioned at the ankle (les than 50 cm from the ground)

The limit is fixed to 4 hours (it’s comfortable).

​Article 12 Jury : Referees ans complaints

The official jury is comprised of a “referee” whose decision is final. He’s assisted by race judges appointed by the national race committee of the FFRS. In case of any dispute on the track of the settlement, only the race judges are entitles to give their opinion.

Article 13 : Bibs

The bib must be worn on the back and hung legibly with a minimum of 4 pins.

The judges have the rights to temporarily stop anytime a competitor whose start number is incorrectly positioned or not readable at any time.

It’s prohibited to duplicate and bend itsnumber. Remeber to take safety pins (4) to properly attach the bib properly.

Article 14: Refreshments

The refreshment point in water will be installed on the course.

A provisioning of arrival (liquid and solid) will also be available at the finish line.

Article 15: Modification / Neutralization/ Cancellation

The organizer reserves the right to change the scheduled program or to cancel the event for safety reasons, health problems or if required to do so by official orders. in such cases, the organizer shall not be liable to compensate participants dor any looses incurred.

Article 16 : Awards

The first 3 in each category are called to the podium.

No prize will be awarded in the absence of the team on the podium.

Categories & Prices

Article 17: The registration includes

♦ Participation of the Paris Rollers Marathon

♦ The Village Rollers’access ans animations

♦ The medal Finisher

♦ Refueling

♦ The medical aid

♦ The bib & the electronic chip

The insurance

Article 18: Categories

Categories are:

♦ Individual marathon Men : open to men born in 2002 or before (16 years)

♦ Individual marathon Women : open to women born in 2002 or before (16 years)

♦ 2 people marathon relay race Men: open ton men born in 2004 or before (14 years)

♦ 2 people marathon relay race Women : open to women born in 2004 or before (14 years)

♦ 2 people marathon relay race – Mixte: open to person born in 2004 or before (14 years)

No specific ranking for people with disabilities. People in a disabled situation can contribute in the categories quoted above, without distinction.

A classification Quad will be broadcast on the site of the timekeeper.


For the participants taking the Departure “Sportsman / leisure” (> 1:25 am for the men(people), > 1:35 am for the women) the time of 3 better skaters of the same team will be accumulated and will give rise to a ranking “TEAM”.


Article 19: Registrations

All registrations are made exclusively on our web site.

No registration received in paper mail will be handled.

No registration on the spot. September, 10th 2018 enclose registrations.

Article 20:  Prices

Till September 31th : 60€ and after, 70€

Article 21: Registration numbers

Mandatroy documents to provide:

Scenario 1 : you have a foreign licence

The french legislation obliges the participants to supply a certificate medical*. Your federal licence will not be enough for be able to participate in the competition

Scenario 2 : You have no licence

You have to supply a certificate medical*

*Certificat medical dating less than year and giving evidence of the absence of contraindication in the practice in competition of the roller (code of the sport Article L231-2 and Article L231-2-1)


Article 22: Insurances

License holders are insured with their FFRS license.

The FFRS signed an insurance for the no FFRS licence holders; They can present a valid medical certificate to the organizers of competitions.

This insurance includes the civil guarantee liability and the compensation of the physical injury guarantee.

For further information, contact the FFRS.

Article 23 – Image rights




Conformément à la loi Informatique et Liberté du 6 janvier 1978, vous disposez d’un droit d’accès et de rectification aux données personnelles vous concernant. Par notre intermédiaire, vous pouvez être amené à recevoir des propositions d’autres sociétés ou associations. Si vous ne le souhaitez pas, il vous suffit de nous écrire en nous indiquant vos nom, prénom, adresse et si possible votre numéro de dossard.

Droit d’Image

J’autorise expressément les organisateurs de l’évènement ainsi que leurs ayants droit tels que partenaires et media à utiliser les images fixes ou audiovisuelles sur lesquelles je pourrais apparaître, prises à l’occasion de ma participation à l’évènement, sur tous supports y compris les documents promotionnels et/ou publicitaires, dans le monde entier et pour la durée la plus longue prévue par la loi, les règlements, les traités en vigueur, y compris pour les prolongations éventuelles qui pourraient être apportées à cette durée.

Article 25: Développement durable

Le Paris Rollers Marathon est engagé dans une démarche de développement durable.

Il est interdit de jeter des déchets en dehors des poubelles.